Small decisions like Brandon’s, decisions that can change yours and your family’s life, happen every day on the job. In order to help you avoid the mistake Brandon made, he shares his thought processes, shows you pictures of exactly what went wrong, and tells you about his recovery. Whether you work with electricity or not, this presentation will benefit you.

Everyone has decisions to make about safety, and many of them happen in an instant. If you have the wrong safety habits, you make it much easier to make the wrong decision, which can have effects that are impossible to undo.

Brandon’s story will help your employees to understand the potential outcomes of a simple shortcut and why safe practices are important. More, his personal, “real world” style will capture your audience and influence better safety habits. Brandon’s is a message that people relate to — and truly brings home the reality of what an accident can mean.


Company leaders are frequently given feedback from presentenation attendees that Brandon’s story should be heard by the entire company. Jennifer Ryan, Sr. Manager ES&H Iowa Operations at Rockwell Collins, said,

“One of the guys who works on the line stopped me last week and said it was the best presentation he’s ever heard, and it should have been mandatory for everyone to attend!”

Brandon has worked with clients including:

Allen Hospital
Cedar Rapids Apprenticeship and Training Center
Cedar Rapids Fire Department
Clow Valve Company
Emerson Process
ESCO Group
Florida Power and Light
Grinnell Regional Medical
Halverson Train
IMON Communication

Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
Iowa Governor’s Safety Conference
Iowa Hospital Association
John Deere
Kirkwood Safety Conference
MBI Safety Conference
NECA Safety Conference
Nelson Electric
North Liberty EMS
Point Builders
Proctor & Gamble

Rinderknecht Construction
Rockwell Collins
St. Lukes EMS
Stark Safety Consultants
Toronto Hydro
Tri-City Electric
University of Iowa Safety Conference
Weitz Company
Winger Group


Facts, statistics, and codes, these are the things you hear about when you attend a safety talk. Many experts in the industry give this kind of talk. However, nobody can have a deeper influence than a storyteller can. Brandon takes his audience on a personal journey of becoming complacent, making wrong decisions, and the consequences of them on him and his family. Be prepared to see laughter and tears among the crowd, since his presentation invokes a wide spectrum of human emotions. Brandon shared his story at two of our Intel plants, and we are looking forward to having him share his story at our other sites.

Nader Shakerin

Manager, Intel

We had Brandon tell his story nine times to more than 3,300 people collectively. His courage to get up in front of large audiences and share his story to influence change, provoke second thoughts on poor habits, and save lives/trauma was admirable and demonstrated a clear commitment to professional and personal safety. Brandon’s story was inspiring, entertaining and engaging. We had nothing but positive responses from our event participants. I believe every attendee walked away from Brandon’s talk with the notion that a choosing the safe way is a personal responsibility and can be a matter of life or death. Aimee Milks

Manager, Dig Safely New York, Inc.


Would you like Brandon to speak at your next safety event?